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“…to reach a generation with a message of hope through the healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ.”

                                                                                      – Pastors John & Robin Blanchard

    In October of 1968, Rock Church was founded when John & Anne Gimenez were traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida and stopped in Virginia to appear on The 700 Club.  The Prophetic word declared, “…I am sending you to a people you know not of…” inspiring them to trust God for clear direction.  John Gimenez felt compelled to seek an empty church building as a sign of God’s confirmation.  Incredibly, a church building became available in Norfolk for revival services which was soon overflowing with spiritually hungry people.

    In 1971 the first Rock Church sanctuary was dedicated debt free!  God continued to move and grow the ministry, opening doors to broadcast on national television reaching millions of people with the gospel.

    The next generation of leadership emerged in 2013, when founder Anne Gimenez along with the Rock Church elders & leadership installed John and Robin Blanchard as the new Senior Pastor of the Rock Church International. Pastors John & Robin’s continuation of the original vision expands to reach another generation for Christ through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic word of the Lord at the forefront.

    Today, the Rock Church has impacted the world with over 500 churches internationally.  This apostolic ministry is committed to equipping people from the “cradle to the grave” to fulfill the purpose of God.




John & Robin Blanchard are the Senior Pastors of the Rock Church of Virginia Beach.

Set in as the lead pastors in October 2013, John & Robin received their ministerial training while serving under the Apostolic and Prophetic mantles of Bishops' John & Anne Gimenez for over thirty years in full time ministry.

With a focus on a fresh encounter with God and seeking the true reality of the power of the Holy Spirit, Pastors John and Robin endeavor to carry the torch as revivalists for their generation. It is their strong belief that everyone is purely Loved by God and called to a divine destiny full of potential for Greatness in God's kingdom regardless of their past. It is their conviction that with God all things are possible and that the ultimate fruit of knowing God is transformation into the likeness of Christ!

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